The deeds you do may be the only sermon some will hear today.

- Saint Francis of Assisi


Ecology & Spirituality

The Garden at St. Francis is a community reconnecting with the soil and water, right here where we live. We want to protect, restore, and cultivate our habitat – the only planet home we have in this vast cosmos that is the image and likeness of its creator.

This desire finds expression in our garden that feeds hungry people.   We are in our eighth season of cultivating and expanding a 50X100 organic garden with a few raised beds thrown in the mix. Our inaugural season brought 1,200 pounds of organic vegetables to feed neighbors in need, via The Freeport Emergency Food Pantry.


Feeding the Community

You too can be a part of this effort, volunteering for both small and large tasks.  Our community members work throughout the season, preparing the soil, nurturing seedlings in their homes, planting, weeding and harvesting the yield.  Everything from tending the garden to purchasing vegetables at our weekly farm helps to alleviate the often hidden problem of hunger on suburban Long Island. 

Growing out of this ministry is the green building we are planning, our emerging work with young children in the garden, and our cultivating a place for quiet contemplation and joyful community celebration right here in the densely packed South Shore suburbs.  We are part of the New York City metropolis even as we live atop the former fields, meadows, and streams that once sat by the bay’s marshes.  What is our role in this as people of faith, as part of the Episcopal Church?

Come hang out with us, and join in God’s work of restoration and the healing of all things!



The mission of our garden is to have the community working together to enhance the environment through organic farming. The connection of soil and spirit, and the reverence for God’s earth will serve as an outreach ministry to bring healthy and nutritious food to those who need it. 



We are in our eighth season. Our inaugural season brought 1,200 pounds of organic veggies to feed neighbors in need, via The Freeport Emergency Food Pantry. 2014 saw us growing and donating over 1800 lbs! Come down and join us! In addition, our emerging work with various community partners roots and entwines us deeply within our community. From students doing community service to service organizations, differently-abled adults and children to local parents groups — all find common ground in care for our common ground. We hope that in all we do and encourage, we model how to live lightly as creatures in a habitat, harvesting the spiritual and the material together.



Our vision for the garden is that this beautiful place will become a sustainable sanctuary and sacred space, that, in addition to providing food, will be a place for education, meditation, serenity, and peace for our neighbors near and far to enjoy